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RIC J. EDMISTON Ric Edmiston was the winner at the 2008 Gamble Rodgers finger picking contest, perhaps with good reason. He has been performing at the Florida Folk Festival for the past several years, the Gamble Rodgers festival, the Southern Music Rising festival in Monticello and is looking forward to playing throughout Florida and the Southeast. He performs solo, and with Mimi Hearn and Angie Prather on vocals, and often performs with some of Tallahassee’s best performing and recording artists. From The Tallahassee Democrat: "Edmiston is one heck of a guitarist, and he puts his fingers to good use on this CD ...his deft, expressive picking rings true throughout." From Carrie Hamby of The Mayhaws “Folk Music Gone Awry" - the subtitle on his web site says it all. Ric's ‘Broke Down Blues’ was chosen by the musical geniuses Click & Clack for use on their NPR show ‘Car Talk.’ Tallahasseeans can consider ourselves well represented! I say Ric has written some of the most beautiful, expressive, and twisted songs ever to come out of our fair city. The fact that he can play finger-style guitar better than anyone else in town doesn't hurt either.” From James Hawkins "This CD should be required listening for all guitar players, so they can understand how it should be done! Good Grief? No, great job!" From Grant Peeples “These songs are divined and crafted from some inner realm that would probably scare the pants off you if you were to climb in and have a look.” Ric has finished recording the first half of his new CD. The new songs are available at concerts and on line. Ric can be reached at, and and